We are on a mission to ignite curiosity and propel future generations of innovators. We create and support visionary educational programs that catalyze a person’s innate desire to explore and discover our world.



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We partner with visionary organizations that ignite curiosity through hands-on and interactive learning experiences.

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Our Mission

We want curiosity to be the bedrock of progressive education. We strive to develop a system of educational programs.

About Us

The Driskill Foundation is a 501c3 public foundation.


We have a legacy of philanthropy going back to 1987. Since then, our mission has evolved to capture the power of curiosity.


We manage the investment assets and transfer proceeds to the Foundation to achieve our charitable goals.

CEO Letter

June Barnard is passionate about our mission and fulfilling the legacy of close friends, Walter and Lucienne Driskill.

Our Team

We are zealous curiosity-seekers ‒ a group of professionals dedicated to growing progressive learning programs nationwide.


The Driskill Foundation has issued more than 50 grants to over 25 different organizations/institutions since 2010, totaling $43.7 million.



Insights, ideas, issues and challenges that drive and impact our mission.



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