Our Vision:   A future where opportunities for growth, personal development, and contributions to society are measured by the depths of one’s own curiosity.

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, grow bright, healthy minds and create a passion for learning in all children regardless of age or ethnicity. The Driskill Foundation is actively pursuing programs and initiatives geared to middle age school kids that will ignite their curiosity in learning about Career and College Readiness.

Our Values

  • Promoting belonging and inclusion for all children to ignite and follow their passionate curiosity.
  • Prioritizing support for successful initiatives that can be leveraged and replicated to maximize positive impact
  • Investing in innovative leaders, organizations, projects and programs
  • Education and learning should be a vehicle that ignites a child's natural wonderment and curiosity encouraging them to ask why and why not.
  • Expecting and supporting measurable success and improvement outcomes
  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality in all that we do

We partner with programs, people, and organizations that support our mission and align with our values.

  • Children’s Museums in DuPage County
  • After school educational and curiosity driven programs that support the development of critical career readiness skills
  • Programs that Integrate vocational and academic education to promote intellectual development.
  • Summer programs