The Driskill Foundation believes that curiosity is the bedrock of progressive education and the key to passionate learning.

Our mission is to ignite curiosity, grow bright, healthy minds and create future innovators. We strive to help develop and support a system of educational and after school programs, which encourages the underserved youth of today to explore their curiosity, open new doors, and enter into exciting and uncharted waters

Our Beliefs

  • The positive cycle of learning is fueled by curiosity and wonderment.
  • From birth, our innate curiosity drives us to wonder, explore, dream and discover.
  • A healthy mind and body helps to fuel our curiosity.
  • Curiosity drives passion. “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last". ~ Samuel Johnson
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to ignite and follow their passionate curiosity.
  • Education should be a vehicle that ignites a child's natural wonderment and curiosity encouraging them to ask why and why not.

We partner with programs and organizations that support our mission and align with our values.

  • Children’s and Science and Technology museums
  • After school tutoring programs for underserved youth.
  • Low income schools
  • Educational summer programs for underserved youth
  • After School Science Programs