Chicago Lights Tutoring

Chicago Lights includes one-on-one tutoring, arts education, social services, and urban farming. Through these supportive relationships and diverse programs, Chicago Lights empowers children and communities facing poverty to thrive academically, secure economic stability, lead healthy lives, and build community.


We were honored to have The Driskill Foundation serve as the Chicago Lights Gala of Hope’s inaugural Jubilee Sponsor in 2015. Their support in recognition of our Tutoring program’s 50th anniversary paved the way for a record-breaking event, which will allow Chicago Lights to expand and deepen our programming of one-to-one tutoring, arts education, social services, and urban farming. The Driskill Foundation’s commitment to education and fueling the curiosity of young minds is making a difference in the lives of students in our Tutoring program, who are learning from individuals who care about them. Thanks to the incredible support and partnership of The Driskill Foundation, Chicago Lights will continue to thrive, providing hope and opportunity to more than 4,000 children and adults facing the challenges of poverty in our city.


Stacy Jackson, Executive Director, Chicago Lights


Chicago Lights Tutoring 2015-2016 Data:


  • 400 students were matched with a caring adult tutor/mentor
  • 96% of graduating seniors were accepted into a four-year colleg
  • Staff was trained to implement a trauma-informed care approach
  • 78% of students and 55% of tutors participated in the program for two or more years
  • 43% of all tutor/student pairs have worked together for two or more years