Fabrication Laboratory – The Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry’s Center for Advancement of Science Education (CASE) was created to inspire and motivate children to achieve their full potential in STEM. This unique approach engages youth directly and supports the families, teachers, schools and communities that help them make decisions about school and careers. Through targeted program areas such as science teacher education, after-school science clubs, learning labs, hands-on science activities and exhibits, CASE propels children to find their passion in STEM.


The Wanger Family Fab Lab is Chicago’s most extensive publicly-accessible digital fabrication laboratory. The lab is outfitted with design software, laser cutters, milling machines, 3-D printers and more and continues to expand and attract guests. The machines available to visitors are identical to machines used in real industry, creating immediate and relevant connections. The lab engages 12,000 guests annually including students in Innovation Clubs where they learn in-depth digital design and fabrication in just 10 weeks. In addition to fabrication, the lab offers a unique opportunity to support computer science learning. This is especially relevant with the recently announced 2016 Computer Science for All commitment by the Obama Administration.


I am so excited to be joining the team at the Driskill Foundation and serving on the Board of Directors. I have seen firsthand the impact the Foundation is making to improve science education, ensuring that the next generation of scientists are inspired to innovate and propel science forward. At MSI, we strive to inspire inventive genius in everyone – and the Driskill Foundation supports this vision by contributing to the Museum’s education programs. I feel so lucky to get to help MSI and other worthy institutions make an impact. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s innovators if we can just turn that spark of curiosity into a drive to solve problems.


Crystal Bowyer, External Affairs, Museum of Science and Industry