InSciEd Chicago

The partnership of Driskill Foundation with InSciEd Out Foundation to form InSciEd Chicago is an effort to address the needs of Chicago area school students through the context of scientific inquiry. The Driskill Foundation in partnership CPS with will be striving to reach hundreds of teachers and thousands of students with the aim of producing a generation of citizens informed about science and empowered for healthier living in fall of 2017.


InSciEd (Integrated Science Education) Out ( is a collaborative partnership committed to rebuilding K-12 science education curricula for the 21st century and beyond.


Teachers are not asked to run a laboratory, and scientists are not asked to manage a kindergarten classroom. Instead, both are asked to share their expertise for a common end: science excellence. The purpose of InSciEd Out Chicago is to:


  • Share the culture, language and practice of science excellence with all students in our local communities.
  • Facilitate partnerships between scientists, educators, industry, and other community partners to rebuild science education practices for the 21st century and bring available technology and mentorship to the community.
  • Create a conduit for science literacy that results in improved health outcomes for communities.