Wisconsin Science Festival

The Wisconsin Science Festival is the passion of a growing coalition of scientists, artists, citizens and organizations dedicated to engaging everyone in the wonder and power of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The mission of the Wisconsin Science Festival is to inspire and engage us all in the enterprise of science and discovery; to cultivate curiosity and communicate the power of knowledge and creativity to change our world view; to promote innovation and to cultivate the next generation of global citizens. The 2015 Festival was held October 22-25.


Support of the Wisconsin Science Festival in the amount of $10,000 brought students from the greater Chicagoland area to the festival and supported general festival marketing and promotions throughout the region.


In particular, support was used to promote and facilitate field trips to the festival including $5,000 of transportation assistance to Chicago-area schools. Some target schools for this program included, are Rowe Clark Academy, KIPP Schools, or UNO-Garcia High School. We also used the support for festival marketing/promotions in Chicago media (i.e. print, digital, television and/or radio advertisements).